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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 Reservation     can be done by USING  AN E-MAIL  IN PAYPAL  AS $ deposit TO BE SEND TO  After  deposit had been paid please fill out reservation form and send (form  on the web,  tab contract&reservation,  copy, paste, fill out, copy,  paste, send as an attachment) to an e-mail with  your name, e-mail address, desired kitten (sex, color), and some  information about you. After I get your e-mail & payment  conformation from paypal I will send you e-mail-receipt.  When kitten  you reserved will be born and turns 3 weeks old I will send you  the  kitten's photo for you to approve or to be moved to the next litter if  you would like to. The price on the kittens varies, and depends on what  it is you want, the pet (show quality with out rights to show)  or show. The pet is $800.00  (NO right to show) , show is $2500.00. I will specify what kitten could be pet & show.  I do not sale kittens for breeding program, no exceptions.  

 OPTION  ONE  PAY FROM YOUR BANK USING PAYPAL  TAB Send money to friends or family                                                                                                                                                                 It’s free in the U.S. when you use bank or balance.    YOU DO PAY   $100.00                                                                                   IT IS ONLY IF YOU USE SEND MONEY TO FRIENDS OR FAMILY OPTION FROM YOUR  BANK at paypal

 OPTION TWO   for  $103.30 must put this amount and not $100.00 total to be paid when making reservation to put thru paypal(100+3.30 fee) AND PAY WITH CREDIT CARD  A DEPOSIT COULD BE PLACED THRU PAYPAL ONLY  (none refundable but can be used toward the next litter if not meet reserved  standart/wish) can use credit card or  bank account