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Sales Agreement
Color: _____________ Sex: ( ) Male ( ) Female
Date of Birth: _________ TICA Litter registration: _________
CFA Litter registration _________
Reg # TICA SBT 053013002 CFA 3744-1776912
Dam: _____________________________________
Reg # ____________________________________

Breeder: MARINA V
Date of sale: _________________________Price: ________ Type:____________

Buyer: _______________________________________
Address: _______________________________________
Phone: ________________________E-Mail: ____________________Conditions of the sale of a REGAL SIBERIAN is as follows:
Buyer  accepts the responsibility for the care and the welfare of this  kitten/cat for the lifetime of the animal. This kitten / cat will not be  allowed outdoors unsupervised to insure it's health and safety. This  animal will receive regular vet visits and will be given top quality  medical care.
Buyer  agrees never to declaw this kitten/cat, unless approval is granted in  writing by breeder, and understands that declawing is a mutilation and  cruelty that is likely to alter the kitten's/cat's temperament and  health.
Buyer  agrees that if any of the terms of this agreement are violated, breeder  may reclaim this kitten without refund of purchase price. The buyer  agrees to pay all court costs if this contract is litigated, and that  any suit shall be filed and tried in Virginia under the law of Virginia.  

Regal Siberian Cattery must be contacted if at any time during the kitten / cat's life the buyer is unable to keep the kitten.The buyer agrees never to sell this kitten nor it's offspring to, or through any pet store, animal shelter, or for research.
Pets  should be altered by 8 months of age. Registration papers will be held  until a copy of a receipt from a licensed Veterinarian indicating the  animal has been altered is received by Regal Siberian ( as a pet only).  Regal Siberian Cattery guarantees kittens for genetic defects if that  said defect is evidenced in an autopsy report from vet clinic (FIP virus  and FeLV virus are not genetic defects). Regal Siberian will replace  that kitten with another of the same type (pet / breed / show).

Kittens are sold with a one-year warranty against genetic and congenital disorders only
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Dear potential customers, I had searched all over the USA for a reputable Siberian cattery. I came across two catteries and decided on Regal Siberian Cattery. The wait is long but if my children have patience, so can you! 😉 Be patient because it is a small cattery, but well worth the wait! We adopted two kittens and they are sisters and best friends. They sleep together, poop together, groom each other, and play with each other and our family. They are really loving. The breed is well known to act like dogs and mine act like puppies, such rascal girls! So, we are teaching them not to chew up our shoes, hahaha.😂 The fur girls love their cat trees, (I have two different types that keep them busy) and other interactive toys. They also love water time. I have a long and shallow plastic container and it's like a kitty splash pad. They have been a wonderful addition to the family. I thank Marina for these two lovely kittens. Thank you so much!                        Sincerely,                  Angelique

I just picked up two little boys this past weekend and I am already in love! They are such sweet, cuddly, playful, fun, also relaxed and beautiful kittens! It is so fun to watch them play together! I would definitely recommend getting two! I've only had them 4 nights and they have already adjusted really well to their new home.
I feel so lucky to have such precious beings in my home! I would recommend Marina and her cattery any day! Marina was always very helpful and quick to respond with any questions I had. Well worth the wait!

Kathleen H.

Me  and my partner were very excited for our new kitten. I personally have  cat allergies and we wanted a cat that would be not only friendly, but  easy on my allergies.When  we took Roddy home, he settled in easier than any cat I have ever had.  Within just a few hours he was eating and drinking, and used the litter  box right away. It was very obvious that care was taken in socializing  him and making sure he was healthy and well adjusted before he came home  with us.Roddy  is sweet and incredibly affectionate. He never stops purring and  cuddles with both me and my partner whenever he's not playing. He has  been perfectly behaved and we have had no issues with his health or  behavior. He is a little guy with a wonderful personality. The fact that  he doesn't aggravate my allergies is simply icing.If we were to ever get another cat, we will definitely be contacting Marina to do so.Callan

Hi Marina,

It  was a wonderful week with him. He really is the most special kitten  I've ever met. I have to confess, we were going to name him Fox but he  is so sweet that I am struggling to find a good enough name for him. I  know the right name will come to me soon! He stays with us in bed all  night and I can't believe that he sleeps between our pillows or (on my  head) until the morning. I wake up earlier than usual because I'm so  excited to snuggle him in the morning. He seems very comfortable and at  home and is purring all the time now. He's a very smart cat, we just  feel so lucky to have him. He is always near one of us. We've found a  few toys he loves to play with and he enjoys sitting up near our neck  for naps - which is very cute. Please let me know if you know of  anything he likes to play with or anything you noticed about him. 

Thanks again! Devin

Hello, Thank you for our little piece of heaven! Boris is growing big and strong, and his temperament is awesome everyone LOVES him. He plays with his toys and cuddles at night when the family gathers for movie time. I the appreciate the updates and emails for information on the proper care for new parents, my husband loves how kind and profession your cattery has been in this process. We will keep in touch with more to follow. Take Care!Yvonne  Q.

Hi Marina, Ekatarina  has been with us for 8 weeks now.  She is such a delight!  We love her  so much.  “Katia” is playful, affectionate and incredibly smart!  She  genuinely enjoys spending time with us and made quick and easy friends  with our two dogs - - a border collie named Remi and an Australian  shepherd named Rosie.  She likes to curl up and sleep with Rosie.  She  likes to play tag with Remi.  So cute!  My husband has not had any  allergy issues at all.  Amazing!  He is as enchanted with Katia as I  am.   You would have laughed at all of the attention she got on her  first veterinary visit.  Everyone in the office came in the examining  room to see her.  She is just that beautiful!  Katia was given a  complete thumbs up at her checkup for health.  Thank you so much,  Marina.  We couldn’t be happier with our new family member.  She will be  loved and adored for life!  
Kathy P.

Finn  is a lot of fun! He gives so many kisses to everyone he meets (and has  many many self declared 'aunts and uncles' as my friends call  themselves). They bring him new toys every time they visit, so he is  definitely being spoiled! He loves to cuddle, and it's so much fun to  have him chase his laser pointer. We are also working on learning fetch.  When people meet him they are always surprised by how friendly and  outgoing he is-- they tell me they'd have cats too if they knew they  were all like Finn! He's completely fascinated by water and hopes in the  tub as soon as I get out of the shower to play in the puddles. He's  never had an accident, only scratches his scratching post, runs to greet  visitors at the door, and of course, he's very handsome. Thank you for  raising such a wonderful little kitten! He sends lots of love and kitten  kisses your way :)
Panya V.

Hi Marina,   

We  have had our little Boris for a little over a week now.  He quickly  adjusted to our family and is a joy to be around.  I have 3 children  (ages 11, 9, & 10) and he takes turns playing and cuddling with  everyone, even our older cat.  My oldest child is autistic and hasn't  taken much interest in our older cat, but Boris is so playful and likes  to get everyone's attention so much so that my son has been reaching out  to pet Boris without encouragement from others; this is a big deal for  us.  So I just wanted to say "Thank You" for allowing us to take Boris  into our home.  We look forward to many years with him.
Gladdys M.

Marina, I  just had to send you these pictures of Nikolai Alexander (Nik) because  it reminded me of the picture on your web site of his grandsire. He is  only 7 months old, but, is almost bigger than my grown cats. He will be huge! His fur is filling out very bushy and beautifully. His disposition is very animated. He rules the house and chases the other cats all over just to be where he wants to be. He is very charming and extremely smart. He tries to figure out all sorts of things. He likes to go in the car and travel (even to the vets. We took him with us twice to visit my mother in New York State and he loved the visit. He adopted the house as his, too. He is an amazing little creature that delights us every day. He has a temper and shows it to us when he does not get what he wants. He  is wonderful in that he does not use his claws, though, and has one of  the most gentle touches when he uses his paws to play or be  affectionate. Marlene

Hi Marina,

Just  want you to know what a joy our Siberian boy kitten has been. He is  sweet, affectionate, and easygoing, and he loves to both play and  cuddle. It has been some time since our old cats passed away, and it's  so wonderful to have a cat in the house again. He is not afraid of  strangers, nor is he skittish in any way, and I think that maybe this is  because he came from a loving home and was never abandoned like our  previous cats were.  On top of everything, he is incredibly beautiful!  After getting used to this one, I find other cats looking a bit odd,  which makes me a little dismayed with myself because I have always found  all cats to be beautiful.      

Thanks again,


Hi Marina. Hope this email finds you well. Maisy is almost 6 months old. Hard to believe. She has gotten so big! And she is a beauty! She is so soft and fluffy. Everyone who comes over wants to take her home. LOL! She is great with the kids and just a lot of fun. Thank you again for a wonderful addition to our family. Rachael K.    Hello Marina,  This  is just a note to let you know that our kitten, Stella, is doing fine.  She has had her rabies shot and has been given a perfect bill of health  from her new veterinarian. Everybody who sees her loves her. She is quite a beauty.   She  loves her new home. We play with her all the time. She eats, drinks her  water, uses her litter box, and is wonderfully affectionate. She likes  us both equally and is well behaved. I think that she is utterly happy  here with us, and we adore her completely.   Thank you for allowing us to adopt her, and for all the good information you gave us about how to best care for her.  Best wishes.  Frank and Christine     We  now have two Regal Siberian cats…a female we got five years ago and a  new male kitten we got this summer. We loved our first one so much we  decided to get another. They are both loving, affectionate, playful, and  sweet. They are incredibly soft and keep themselves very clean. They  play together and snuggle together, and snuggle with us too. They have  never had an accident, they are quiet, they don’t wake us up in the  morning and they come to us when they are called. People with allergies  are not allergic to them, which is why we decided to get a Siberian in  the first place. We did not know that they would have such wonderful  personalities! Now that we have two, they keep each other company when  we are gone but love to snuggle with us when we are home. We are so  happy to have two beautiful Siberian cats, and I think our five-year-old  is happy to have a new friend!
We  adopted Maisy from Marina at Regal Siberian 3 weeks ago. She is  absolutely precious. My 2 "boys" that I raised since kittenhood lived to  be 15 years old. After they passed, I knew in my heart I could love  another cat, but the hurt was so bad I didn't know if I wanted to. Yet,  at the same time, I wanted my young children to grow up with a pet  because I believe that is important. We are so happy we waited for  Maisy. I had forgotten what is was like to have a kitten. She is so much  fun and very playful. Even the mischievous things she can do give us  quite the chuckle (for example, don't let your toilet paper hang off the  roll). You can tell Marina socializes her kitties because Maisy is so  interactive, even with my very loud 3 year old. After about 2 days, it  was like she was just already comfortable and used to all of us, started  eating and drinking, and using her litter with no issues. We got her a  tall cat tree, so she can escape from the kids who just want to hold and  play with her all the time. I highly recommend a cat tree for this  purpose, and just for pure fun. I think this kitten might have been a  trapeze artist in her past life because she runs and leaps up the tree  and swings on it like a trapeze before climbing up. It is hysterical. My  husband who has never had a kitten is so enamored with her he can't  wait to get home from work to play and snuggle with her. I look forward  to my time every night after everyone goes to bed when I can just play  with her, and then she gets right up on my chest and purrs and sleeps.  She completes our family. Totally love her! Thank you, Marina

Hi, Marina-- MEET THE COUNTRY'S NEWEST "THERAPY CAT"!!!So  proud of my girl, Lady Di! She sailed through 40 minutes of rigorous  testing in Roanoke today, making us the newest certified team with the  Pet Partners national organization. She scored "with commendation,"  meaning that we are eligible to visit all levels of care facilities.  This little four-legged daughter has brought more joy into our household  than I could ever explain--and now, I'll get to share her love with  those who need her    Thank you SO MUCH for giving us this girl to love. There is nobody like her on earth.  --Donna

Our  beloved Diamonda at her "retirement" home in Forest, Virginia, where  she is well loved, well spoiled, and treated to every creature comfort  imaginable. Thank you, Marina, for giving us the most wonderful girl in  the world to love. We could not imagine life without her!Donna

Our  Siberian kittens are not only gorgeous and healthy, but they are also  wonderful pets - playful, affectionate and endless fun to watch as they  learn and grow. Is that good? The  third shot was for distemper, and they tested for feline leukemia,  which of course they don't have. We chose not to vaccinate them for  that, as they are very unlikely to come in contact with other cats. thanks again, Zoe


She  is wonderful! She is very social and loves to play! She is definitely  Brandon's baby! They have taken to each other, and she tends to look for  him or seek him out in a room. She is now comfortable with everyone in  the family and is no longer afraid of the noises of the house. She seems  very happy and just wants to play with anyone who will accommodate her!  She eats well, plays, and sleeps. She is using her scratching post and  loves anything that makes a crinkling noise. She seems to be responding  to her new name, Brandon chose Mica (pronounced MEEka). The family loves  her, and my husband has had absolutely no reaction with his allergies!  So we are all very happy with her.

She is a blessing and we thank you so much!


We  are in love with our little baby! She is the most affectionate cat with  an adventurous personality. She loves people! We were very pleased with  our experience at the Regal Siberian Cattery.


Good morning Marina, We  thought you would like to see how much Leo( Hariton) has grown! He is a  fantastic kitten!! He runs around the house, loves to play, is so fast  up and down the stairs! As you said, he LOVES to give kisses, snuggle  and be held!   We are very happy with him..he looks like a tiger, and acts like one sometimes when he growls with his toys!!! He is very Boy!!  thanks again,  Renata and Mauricio   Marina! We brought home Eitan (from Goldie and Niky's litter) and who now is called Rachmaninov (Rocky). Words cannot express how much joy Rocky has brought to our lives. He is so smart, loving, gentle and has good manners. Our daughter is six years old and he is so patient and loving with her. He is always waiting in her room at bedtime to hear a story then wants to snuggle right up to her and go to sleep. He is a real snuggler! When we come home from being out he is waiting at the door to greet us. He has a golden personality and I couldn't have asked for a better kitty than him. Your labor of love shows because your kittens are beautiful inside and out. Thank you Marina!  Regards, John and Sarah       LITTER E  Marina,  our new kitten Sophie ( Elizavetta ) is doing well. She has adjusted to  our home very quickly. Sophie is extremely loving and sweet. She loves  to snuggle and purr. She and her older sister, Gracie have become  friends and playmates. Gracie even grooms Sophie! Sophie’s markings are  gorgeous. Thank you so much for such fantastic, beautiful, and  extraordinary cats! Bless you, Nancy  LITTER B  Hi Marina! We  want to thank you so much for our precious Leo (former Bozi). He has  brought such joy to our family! He provides tons of laughs for all of  us, and as you can see from the attached photo, tons of snuggles too. He  sleeps with my husband and I each night, snuggled right into the crook  of my arm. He also loves sitting on our shoulder as we move about  downstairs. Oh, and he loves watching our fish James swim in his tank.  (I think he's trying to intimidate James, but Leo is just too cute to be  intimidating!) He  was a bit nervous the first couple of days in our home, but that was  something we had expected as he was brought into a home with five people  (including two preschoolers) and a large dog (Echo, our one-year-old  Foxhound/Lab mix). He adjusted much more quickly than we had  anticipated, and I believe a large part of this was due to your  extraordinary care. He and Echo get along very well; we do not let them  be alone together as Echo is a hyper puppy and doesn't know his size  yet, and Leo is still pretty small, but they play with each other, and  when Echo is lying in his crate, Leo will sleep in a chair right next to  him. It's very sweet! He  has not had one accident outside his litter box, which we were very  pleasantly surprised by! We had thought he might because of his new home  situation, but that boy knows his boxes well! He has also been eating  and drinking and growing like a weed. And he LOVES playing, especially  with his feather toys! His pounces are the best, though! We've even  caught him on video pouncing toward a toy with all his limbs spread  eagle in midair. Our friends think Leo is the best, and we agree! Thank  you once again. Leo became a part of our family the day you offered him  to us; it's the best feeling to finally have him home with us. Sincerely,Mikal  Our  two little girls are doing well – they are playing a lot and being very  inventive.  They are staying in a large bathroom right now before we  introduce them to the dogs and they have figured out how to open drawers  and go in them.  They are still being a little shy with us, I hope they  will get more cuddly as time goes on.  They are eating a lot and using  the litter box well.  When we let them into my son’s bedroom to play  they are very entertaining!Kathleen I  call her Bella and she is wonderful. Always purring everytime I pick  her up. She has gotten used to my two standard Poodles and we are  working on the other cats. I just love her and she was so worth the  wait.Linda   LITTER     Z Marina,  we love Ziya and she has adapted very well to our rather chaotic  household.  She was only shy for about a week, but now thinks she rules  the house.  Everyone that sees her comments on how friendly and  beautiful she is.  She enjoys the attention from the kids, and is so  gentle with the baby.  She has not had a single potty accident, and  after the first few days, has been eating and drinking very well.  None  of us have had even the slightest allergic reaction to her.  Thank you  so much for letting us come to you for the allergy test.  We are very  happy with the newest member of our family.Camille  Marina,It  has been two weeks since I picked up my kitten from your Cattery and my  little Zahar has been such a joy to have in my home. He is a very  playful and lovable kitten. He puts a smile on my face and I’m looking  forward to watching his personality grow throughout the many years that  he will be with me. He is just what I was looking for in a cat.  Thank you, Cindy  Zarah/Katya  was the perfect traveler - stayed on her bed for awhile - then moved to  a towel on Linden's lap.  She seems to be adjusting to her new home.   She ate 1 tablespoon of wet cat food, munched one or two pieces of dry  food, and licked a bit of water from my fingers.  She explored her room  and even tried to play a bit with the string tail of a cloth mouse.  She  made peepee in her cat box, gave herself a very thorough bath, and  snuggled into her bed.  I turned out the light - and will check on her  later to ensure she is not crying.  Marina -  Katia is doing very well - thinks the finished basement is  her  apartment - and is always inviting us to visit and play with her down  there.  Even when we bring her upstairs, she wants us to go to her  territory.  We are keeping little children away from her, but adults and  teenagers are charmed by her.  She is very active - we call her  kamikaze cat when she "attacks" her toy mice- but also loves to play and  snuggle.  She'll fall asleep in our arms just like a baby.  She likes  to hear Linden play her piano  and will lay down to listen.  She also  likes to watch Linden dance!  She has a habit of mewing when she thinks  we are not paying enough attention to her - and she does love attention!   She is the sweetest kitten!  Thanks - Crystal All  is well with "Fluffers" Zittah. She has eaten wet and dry, uses the  litter box and drank from the water bowl. She is  bundle of energy and  is playing a lot with all of us. She is a little nervous when you  approach but she is getting very rambunctious and fun overall. Beth    LITTER X  Hi Marina,     It's hard to believe Xena is 15 weeks old now. We named her Sophie and  everyone here just loves her dearly. She was an excellent little girl  on the ride home. After settling down, she slept most of the seven hour  ride home. Once we were home by the end of the night, she was settled  right in. She was using her litter box, eating and drinking with in a  few hours of being home. She never hid from any of us and was very  friendly from the beginning.     Now she enjoys playing with her numerous toys here, hanging out on the  cat tree, and playing with our other 1 year old Siberian, Reuben. It  took a little while to get them adjusted to each other but now they look  for each other around the house. They chase each other and play most of  the day.     Sophie had her first vet appointment a few weeks ago and they were  amazed at how beautiful and pleasant she was.        Thank you for  raising such amazing kittens. She is so beautiful, her coloring is  amazing, and I love her red crown.  I could tell you breed the cats for  the love of the breed and spend much time socializing the kittens.  Siberians are definitely an exceptional breed. They are very  intelligent, playful, and love being around people.      We enjoy her so much and I know she enjoys being here just as much.  Michelle   Meeko  the kitten couldn't be any sweeter! He loves to cuddle and is  so  playful and loving- what a great addition to the family he has  been!  He  is very happy to be around us all the time, and is quite  comfortable  getting his nails trimmed! - Thanks again for helping us  to bring home  such a wonderful and loving little guy!  Kelly and Neil P.  I  want to let you know that Gracie is a happy kitty. She loves to play  with the feathers on a kitty fishing pole( her favorite! ). She also has  a small sock monkey she likes to hold and kick.  I could tell you are  very concerned and loving to all of your cats. Nancy  Hi Marina, The  kittens are doing well! They follow us around like "dogs"...they never  want to be apart from us. They lie on our laps when we watch TV, sit on  their perches in the kitchen when we eat meals, and sleep with our  daughter Catherine every night. They are so "cuddly" and loveable! Loki  loves to groom the baby (Charlie), lots of licking and purring.  They are SO handsome! We just love them! Sue  LITTER Y  He  is a truly exceptional cat, both in appearance and personality!  We  have gotten numerous comments on his unique facial markings, his gentle  demeanor, and his alert, friendly eyes.  We could not be happier with  our new little baby!Catherine   Yan  has been such a great kitten, and you deserve all the credit!  His  behavior shows that you gave him the most loving home and the best  infant care!  Yan loves to cuddle and touches our faces with his soft  paws. He also likes to play “wrestling” with us, but he never bites hard  and does not use his sharp claws.  We don’t know how you trained him so  well – we showed him the litter boxes and the scratching post, and he  uses them everyday.  He doesn’t beg for food, he waits for his wet food  or he just eats the dry food (always available) when he’s hungry.  He  listens when we say “no” to jumping on counters or tables.  When we’re  busy with house work (and school work), Yan is happy playing alone with  his toys.  When we sit down with him, he loves to “talk” to us and plays  all different games! Yan has been exploring every part of the house,  but he usually stays in the same room with everyone.  He loves playing  "hunting" and "chasing", he carries his feather toys back to his bed and  hides them!  The biggest surprise is that he loves piano music, it's so  amazing, every evening when my daughter practices piano, Yan stops  playing and stays real quiet, sometimes falling asleep to the music At  night he wanders around the house, looks out the windows, and spends  some time sleeping next to us.  He keeps himself really clean, he even  tries to clean my daughter because he thinks she smells bad!  His  amazing behavior really shows that Yan had the best infant life in your  home, thank you so much for your care and love!    Thank you Su   Hello,    Yan  is doing great over here.    He has become part of the family so  quickly.  We could not imagine life without him.   He is a very curious  and outgoing member of our family.  He comes out and greets our guests  and has no fear of anything.    His winter coat (see picture)  is  spectacular!  Mike    LITTER V Hi Marina, He  is wonderful!   We adore him.  He's adjusting very well in his new  home.   Had a good visit at the Vet, & she exclaimed he is a  beautiful healthy kitten. I've  decided to call him Vasi & he already responds to my voice.   Vasi  is a bundle of energy, playful, affectionate & very athletic for  such a young kitten.   He's having a grand time here.        Vasi is a great kitten and we are very pleased with him. Thank you, Evette   Our  new baby boy Simba is the sweetest, most beautiful little boy. He is  healthy, happy and growing like a weed. So content!! He and our (very  large) puppy get along like siblings. He is playful and sweet and  incredibly intelligent and curious. He had no trouble adapting to our  home, which is spread out and large considering how small he was. He is  very attached to my husband and I and our daughter who is now home from  university for the summer. She thinks she is going to steal him when she  goes back to school! He loves company. Our biggest challenge is how to  keep him away from the puppy food! Oh, and everyone falls in love with  him and wants to take him home. He adapts amazingly well to new friends  and he is so beautiful it is hard to deny him anything! Thank you so  much. Carrie and Tom (and Simba and McAilin)  "Boris"  has adjusted well to his new surroundings and is growing like a weed.  He is a very affectionate cat, full of energy and very inquisitive. Like  my late Maine Coon cat he appears to be very intelligent and thrives on  attention. He is not shy at all with strangers and gets along well with  other cats and kittens. I receive many positive comments from everyone  who sees him. I'm very pleased to have him in my home and would welcome  this breed to anyone considering a new pet. David Rathbun Fairfax, Va.     LITTER W Hi, Irina  is doing very well. She's a happy, friendly cat. She usually prefers to  sit on or next to people. She's not very shy, either. She doesn't run  and hide when strangers come in the room. In fact, she hardly even seems  to notice them. She has a sweet personality, and seems to be very  people oriented Sincerely, Gary   Hi Marina, I  cannot begin to tell you how much joy little Zoey (Wenda) has brought  into our life!  She is so happy, healthy and content.  Zoey is  incredibly social, playing with our friends and family that come to  visit.  She made herself at home as soon as she arrived - going to the  litter box, eating, drinking, snuggling ,and even purring for me her  first evening at home!  I'm amazed and so happy that my husband and I  are not allergic to her one bit!  I was in heaven having her sleep on my  lap the other day.  Zoey has fit into our family just perfectly and we  can't imagine our family without her.  Thank you so much for raising  such an amazing kitten!  We love her! Take care, Patricia  Hi Marina,          Our new kitten Bordaux is fast becoming a gentle giant.  We call him Bo  for short.   He has a kind demeanor about him and just loves to be  held.   He and our newborn get along great. He tends to sit next to her  and almost act like he is protecting her.  He also loves to play and is  remarkably intelligent.   He has adjusted very well to his new home.  He  has established himself as the new king of the kingdom so to speak.    All of our relatives love him.  They all want one of their own.  We took  him to the vets for his second and final round of shots and had no  problems with the doctor.   Thank you so much for allowing us to bring  him into our home and our lives. Sincerely,         Brian and Christine  Hi Marina,  Well,  little Ozzie (formerly known as Oscar - but, the kids decided that  Oscar was the name of the grouch on Sesame Street, and that name  definitely didn't "fit" little Ozzie) is doing just great! He's truly a  joy and we all love him dearly! He is such a playful, sweet, smart  kitten. He follows us all over the house and sleeps in bed with my  husband and me every night. He's such a cutie. Our friends and family  all think he's the most beautiful kitten.  Our  puppy, a six month old Wheaten Terrier named Milo, loves playing with  Ozzie. They chase each other all over the house and play-wrestle one  another. They seem to really enjoy one another's company. It will be fun  watching them grow up together.  I can't say enough how happy we are with Ozzie! He is such a wonderful addition to our family, and we love him so much!   We hope all is well with you and will keep you updated (and hopefully send pictures) on how Ozzie's doing. Thank you for everything! Take care. Beth     Our  kitten Wyatt who we now call Loki is doing great! He was so calm on his  first visit to our vet for his follow up vaccines. He was not afraid of  the trip in the car, nor was he afraid visiting with the vet. No crying  at all...lots of purring over the attention he received from everyone  who thought he was adorable. He has such a funny and wonderful  personality and he is so friendly to everyone.  He  is growing fast and starting to look like a small version of his daddy.  Our family is enjoying his kitten playfulness and hunting antics every  day. We have a small cat perch/scratching post in our kitchen and he  sits on his perch to be with us every time we sit at our kitchen  table. When we come home from being away, he runs to greet us with a  "chirp" and gives us a look to tell us, "pick me up and hold me, I am so  glad you are home". When we pick him up and cuddle him his "motor"  starts up to let all of us know that he is a happy, happy kitty!  We  love him! No allergies to him either. We can't wait for his brother to  be born in July so that he can join our family in sometime in September.  You have done a terrific job with breeding and raising some awesome  Siberian Cats!  I will send you some photos of Loki sometime over this weekend when I get them downloaded from my camera to my computer.  Keep me posted to let us know when our other kitten is born.  Many thanks, Sue Jones     LITTER  U URIY and ULIANNA Hello Marina, The kittens (Amber aka "Ambie" and Charlie) are doing great. They are so adorable and loving. After  we picked them up (drove back to Michigan), we decided to keep them  free range in the car. They were really well-behaved. Although they  were afraid of the car moving, a little while later they were fine and  start eating and using the litter box in the moving car. They are really  adaptive to new environment! As  you instructed, we kept them in one room at a time. At first day or two  they were a little shy, but after that they are really happy with the  new environment and us. Now everyday they play with each other when we  are gone at work, and play with us when we get back from work, and sleep  by our bed at nights. They are wonderful additional to our family. We  love them really much. They are so special, we called them "my little  prince and princess". Thank you really much for doing such a great job "raising" our kittens. Ambie and Charlie are the best pets!!  Sincerely, Ying and Aaron (Michigan)    Usi (aka Griffin) is doing fantastic!!!  He is just the most wonderful little
boy! He is so happy and loving and playful!  He took right away to his two
sisters and they loved him right back!  It is amazing how all three of them are
doing!!!  I can't get over it!!  They all sleep on the bed together, play with
toys together and love to play with Mom (me)!!  He is so bright, precious,
curious, gentle and loving!  You have done such a wonderful job with these
kittens!  Such an amazing breed.... He is my first Siberian and I don't think I
will ever be able NOT to have one in my life!  He is such an incredible addition
to our lives! I love Griffin so much! Thank you again for all you do! Tiffany (Virginia/Maryland)   Hi,  Marina! Thanks to you our family got bigger. We got handsome little  boy, Ustas.  He is so wonderful, sweet, smart and trained thanks to you.  We love him so much! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Larisa     LITTER T We  are so pleased with our new kitten. She is beautiful, healthy, playful,  and affectionate. She uses her litter box, eats well, and loves to  play. She likes to be with people, and even comes when we call her! Our  kids love to play with her and snuggle with her, and she is very sweet  with them. She is a wonderful addition to our family. Also, my mother is  not allergic to her! What a perfect cat! Thank you, Marina, for giving  her such a good start on life. We will continue to give her all the love  and attention she deserves.
With sincere appreciation,
Mary  We were  so excited to get our Theo a brother- and Rudy is perfect! Rudy is just  as friendly as Theo was as a baby and we couldn't be happier. He is a  bundle of energy that we love having around. We know that Theo and Rudy  are going to be life long friends. Thanks so much for making this happen! Courtney and Joel (and Theo, too)   Hi, Marina,  Katerina  is great!  She is full of personality and sweetness.  I think now my  husband may be more of a cat person than a dog person because of her! I  come home from work to find them lounging on the couch together, with  Katerina on his shoulder, often kissing his ear... should I be  jealous??  She is too cute.  Over the weekend, after only having her for  a week, Kat and Kona (my 80 lb. German Shepherd pup) were drinking out  of his huge water dish side by side.  I WISH I had my camera for that  one.  They are playing together and Katerina has no fear, even when Kona  gives her the occasional big, wet, dog slobber kiss.  She is so much fun and a wonderful addition to our family.  Thanks, Marina!   Take care, Millie  LITTER S Hi Marina! Sebastian  "Sergei" and Sasha "Sofiya" are settling in beautifully.  It is so  evident all the love you have given both of them.  They are  so well  adjusted and they are quick learners too!!  They knew right where  to  scratch and go potty after showing them just once!  It is so fun to  watch them play together and to cuddle with them.  Thank you again for  sharing your adorable kitties with us!!!  They have really completed our  family. Elaine, David  Marina, We  can't say enough about our precious little girl!  Taimyra (Sarah,  llitter S) adjusted so quickly to her new home and is such a perfect  addition to our family. She is very energetic and playful but also loves  to cuddle every evening. Taimyra makes our house truely feel like home  and we already cant imagine life without her!   Jennifer and Jesse    Marina...thanks  for giving our family such a magnificent kitten! Fiona continues to  amaze us with her personality and her abilities. She is very intelligent  and social. She is definitely a peoples cat and puts on the greatest  shows when we have family & friends over. She's become the daughter  & sister my wife and I and our boys never had. Fiona is very dear  and special to us all! Thanks for sharing the Siberian with us and  others! Epps Family Raleigh, NC    LITTER P Hi Marina, I've  named her Chloe. She loves being around people. She also loves rubbing  up against my mother's chocolate labrador dog. Chloe is always playing  with whatever she puts her paws on. Chloe is also very sweet and cuddly  especially when I am sleeping. I love her and anyone that comes in  contact with her loves her as well! Ronda P.   Hello Marina!  I  hope you are doing well today. I just want to say that Gabriel is a  such a joy. I cannot describe how much happiness he has brought to our  home. He is fun loving, entertaining, smart and oh so curious. Gabriel  is all over the place now. He wants to look into EVERYTHING Littleman  had his first wellness check up last Friday and he did really well. He  did not bite or fuss. He let the doctor check him with absolutely no  problems. The vet assistant told me that the doctor said that she wanted  to get one just like him and that it was a compliment as she sees  animals day in and day out and has never said that before. I just wanted to let you know that Gabe is doing really well and that he misses you all. Sincerely,  Yvonne   Hi Marina,  The  kitten is doing great.  We call her Milena.  She sleeps with me  everynight and loves to play especially with my father.  She loves being  petted and playing with her toys We couldn't imagine our lives without her.  Sincerely, Sarah   LITTERR  Hi Marina,     We just wanted to write you and thank you so much for our great little  guy. Theo has acclimated well to his new living environment. He is warm  and friendly and everything we had hoped for. He spends his nights in  bed with us and his days bathing in the sun. He seems happy living with  us, but I'm sure not as happy as we are to have him.    He has dug a whole right into our hearts. We love him so much. Thanks for making this happen!  Courtney and Joel   Hi Marina, He  is doing so well. He adjusted to us and our other cat so quickly and  they are now best friends! They always want to be together and they mew  for each other if they can't find each other-its so cute! I'm very happy  that we could work with you to get our new baby and everything went so  smoothly. We've only had him for a month but it feels like we've had him  forever-he is growing fast too! Elise    Hi!  "Tucker  has quickly become part of the family.  He's everything I could've  imagined and more!!!  Playful, loving, and full of energy!!!  What a  joy!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-) "  I've attached some pictures as well!!  (including his first snow!)  Thanks again!!  Hayley ;-)  LITTER O Hi Marina, The  baby kitten (Olga/Anya) is great!  See her above on the pumpkin,  pretending to be a black cat for Halloween.  She has a wonderful  personality!  She is so sweet and loving and wants to be carried  everywhere.  She’ll be sad when she grows up and I can’t carry her all  the time!  She gets along great with Kiska and Vasya – they are one big  happy family.  I keep trying to get a good picture of all three of them –  as soon as I do, I will email it to you.  They like to sleep together,  but everytime I get the camera out one of them will move and ruin the  picture.  She is very sweet with the kids too.   Thank you for your wonderful cats!  I can’t wait to see pics of the new kittens on your website!  Veronica  Thank  you so much for Ivan.  He is beautiful, with a great disposition and  loving personality.  He has already brought so much fun and joy into my  life!  For those considering the Siberian breed, they are the ideal cat  and So far the claims about being hypoallergenic have been true with  Ivan.    Kelly and family    LITTERS N & M Hi Marina,After her initial orientation to her new home,she is doing great! Eating
habits, litter box habits etc all good. She is everything I was looking
for. Pretty, Smart,Sociable and a great personality. She is so much fun and
gives the family a lot of laughs.Whatever room we are in, she is in. Loves
to hang out with us. It is evident that you love being a breeder and
raising these beautiful cats.I am so glad that you were local,lucky
me.The hypo allergenic feature of this breed is definite, my son and I can
really start sneezing depending on the cat, with Zena (litter N), we have had no
issues. Anyways,I am so happy to have found such a great breed of cat! The
ultimate social/lap cat. I love her!
Thanks Sandy  Marina:
Thank-you so much for our 2nd wonderful Regal Siberian kitten. Hector,
our 2 year old Siberian transitioned very well to the new kitten and
is in heaven with his new friend. The kitten, Penelope (Natasha) came
right home potty trained and cuddly. We couldn't be happier with these
cats and have had zero problems, they are very sweet. I highly
recommend having more than one pet with a siberian because they are so
loving and social. Penelope has been a wonderful addition to the
The Brickley's Marina,  we just want to thank you so much for our new addition.  Mick  (Misha) has been an absolute blessing in our home.  My husband and I  love him so much and can't wait to get home to see him all the TIME.  He  is a great traveler ... already made trips with us to Richmond and he  is soo curious.  He wants to get into everything and we LOVE it!  We  call him our son because he just fits right into the family.  He has  already take a walk outside on his new lease and he is really starting  to love some fresh air.  He has made my life better because my husband  is in the Navy and when he leaves Mick becomes the man of the house!  We  couldn't be more pleased with such a blessing of a cat.  Many thanks, Gary & Jessica   Hi Marina,Marley  (Nate) is doing great and became part of the family (our first family  pet) the day we brought him home.  He truly lives up to the breed's  personality description!  He is very social and is so great with our  three children; he let our 3-yr old pet him the first day and he had a  lot of "young visitors" from our street his first week here. Our 5-yr  old carries him around like a baby!  He loves to play and wrestle; he  purrs a lot too. Thank-you for breeding such wonderful pets and we look  forward to a new addition from one of your fall litters!The Cheatham Family  We  were so lucky to have Tasha (Nastassia of litter N) become part of our  family.  We can't imagine her not being part of our home now.  She  is very cuddly and playful, and constantly amuses us with her chirp-like  meows.  She is so affectionate and adventurous, even welcoming and  playing with guests, that it's obvious that she was well-socialized and  well-loved by Marina.  Marina has also been so helpful and kind  throughout the whole process of testing potential allergies (over a  month and still no sign of allergy problems!!), preparing for Tasha, and  bringing her home--we couldn't have asked for a better first experience  with a breeder!  Several of our friends and family members have already  fallen head over heels for Tasha and are talking about getting a  Siberian of their own. Thanks,Lauren and Daryl Cameron Hi Marina, The kitty is wonderful.  He is very playful and is good friends with Kiska.  He even plays with my 12 month old baby!Thanks so much,Veronica LITTERL   Marina, I just really want to thank you so much for my Izzy (litter L  Lena). I've grown up with animals in my house but even so, I'd have  never believed that a cat could really bring me as much joy as she has.  She's always doing something silly, and she's always excited to see me;  even when she's just waking up from a nap in my lap! We all (my family  and Chris's) adore her so much Brittany  We  absolutely adore our kitten, Toulouse(litter L). He is so sweet and  lovable that his nickname is "Sweetness". We'll keep you posted on his  progress. Thank you for breeding such wonderful cats! The Ainslie Family  Libby's new name is Suchi. None of us have experienced any allergies to thekitten. We are so delighted to have such a beautiful kitten that does not make us sneeze! Thank you for breeding such wonderful cats.KATHY AND FAMILY  HI Marina,I  wanted to let you know that Simone (Lily-Litter L) is doing great.  Everyone (including my father-n-law who doesn’t like cats) loves her.  She is wonderful—very playful, sweet, likes to be held and definitely  likes to eat. My husband has not had any allergy issues with her…not  even a threat of having to give her back. He picks her up every day and  gives her lots of hugs & kisses and still no allergy reactions.  Thank you so much Marina, for raising such a great little kitty. You  were great to work with and always answered my emails promptly.  Amy and family  Daisy  is awesome. I couldn't see us with any other cat but her!!! She fits  into our family perfectly and has from day 1. She is the sweetest and  cutest little thing ever!! If she is laying down near us, we have to rub  and pet on her. There is no way to just walk by her. We love her like  crazy!! I just want you to know that she has a great home here with us.  We know she is happy because she is always purring!!Scarlett  (Litter D )  LITTER J Katinka  (aka Josephina) is a beautiful, smart baby and we fell in love with her  at first sight! She behaved very well on the plane to Florida and is  adjusting well to her new home. PEGGY  Hey! It's Johnathan from your J Litter of kittens. I just wanted to let you know that I'm doing great I  love my new home so much Also, I was relieved to find the two other  cats out here. I ran right to them. They were very welcoming. ..oh and  by the way...there are no allergy problems as of yet!! yay!!Tobi and my mama Malorie Marina,
Thank you so much for everything. I just wanted to let you know that
Tobi/Jonathan has completley adjested wonderfully. He is everything I
could ever want in a kitten. He plays, cuddles, follows me around, and
makes everyone who sees him smile! He loves to play and climb, and he eats
a lot! He is very social as well. He loves our other cats and plays with
them  all the time.  Also, not only is Damian not having any allergies, but  we introduced Tobi to Damian brother who also has allergies, and there  were no problems there either!

Thanks again, Malorie  Demitrius  (Julian) is doing really good. He has used his litter box from day 1  and has not had an accident. He is very active but he also like to be  held.  Eric and Tina LITTER K We are so happy that Oliver (KOSTYA) has become a part of our family. He is so
smart and such a socialized kitty. He loves to play with his big brothers
Alex and Baxter. He wakes up very early in the morning and is ready to
eat! He used his litter box on the first day, thanks for training him to
do that! He is very loving and purrs alot! Thank you for being so
helpful, kind, and sending his baby pictures to us when he was born. You
have been wonderful to work with and I would definitely recommend you to
anyone that is interested in getting one of these wonderful cats. Thanks
Marina!! KRISTI   She (KATERINA) is a true gem! I love her confidence and pride. She is truly fearless,
and insists on inspecting all of the house and all of our other residents.
I was keeping her in my bedroom and bathroom, and all of us were spending
tons of time with her. Very quickly, however, she let us know that she
refused to be left out. Her "meow" can be heard for miles! We introduced
her to to the rest of the house and the other animals, and (can you believe
it) she is already ruling the roost! You were so right. We are all completely amazed by her. Everyone raves
about her beautiful coloring and her amazing aura. She is so very special!
Kostya went right up to her, and after an initial hiss from her, she
started to check him out. She sneaks up on our dogs when they are sleeping
and gives them a good sniffing. She is eating and drinking like a little
piglet, and is very properly using the litter box.

I believe that she may be the most magical pet that I have ever had (and
I've had many). And this after only having her for 4 days. I can't thank
you enough. I love her like crazy!
Marcia    Keril  has been the best addition to our family!! He is so affectionate,you  can tell he was raised with love and attention. Thank you for raising  such a great kitten. Thanks again, Laura Litter H & I  Hector is a wonderful, healthy sweet little kitty and a joy to have in our family.

Thank-you so much for the baby care and training you gave him, it truly shows in his playful and cuddly behavior.

We were worried the plane ride would be rough on Hector but he did very well, no problems at all!

We have known him a week and just couldn’t imagine our family without him! Hi Marina,
I just wanted to give you an update on Hector.
He is doing wonderful! He is very good with company and everyone is impressed at how social he is.
Hector loves boxes and paper bags feather toys and his food! He is very talkative, loves to have conversations.
It is so cute how he comes running every time we come home from an outing or call out for him. Hector is our baby, we love him and nurture him and he does the same for us.
He is the sweetest, funniest, hilarious cat I have ever met.
You raise an extraordinary breed of cats! His manners and personality are
We could not imagine our lives or our home without him.
Thank-you so much for our little guy!I wanted to tell you a little bit about what Hector has been up to! He loves
birds! We have a bird feeder just outside the window picture is attached. He
will watch them for hours! He loves to sit in windows on cool breezy days.
Lately it has been a little too warm for open windows though. He is a
runner, he dashes through the house and loves to play hide and go seek. He's
very good at this game and often sneaks up on the hiding person. He is a
stretcher and loves his belly rubbed. He'll sprawl out across the floor
every time we come home or into the room! His fur is very beautiful and we
brush him every day Ashley B. We  brought Ivan/Petey as we call him home last Saturday from the airport.  He is so sweet and playful. He has adapted very well to his new home and  his big half brother Semyon. He loves to follow his big brother around  and copies what he does. They are already getting along so well. Semyon  gives Petey baths and they play chase, eat and sleep together much of  the time. Petey also loves his new human mommy and daddy. He is very  smart and very handsome. Thank you, Marina for such a wonderful little  boy. Semyon thanks you too for his new little brother.

Carolyne and Robby.  Illya,  whos name has been charged to Riley is doing wonderful. He is so  affectionate and just loves my daughter. We have a 100+ lb gloden  retreiver(Ginger), who trying despartely to get him to play. Riley looks  at Ginger likes she is crazy and not worthy of his time. We love Riley  SO MUCH!!!!God bless you and thank you for such a wonderful boy!!! Love Lora  Hello Marina,

Isabel is the best cat I've ever seen! She is very
intelligent, very playful and cute kitty! She was shy
for the couple of days, but completely adjusted to new
home by the end of the week. She is great: we didn’t
have any problems with litter box, she is eating well,
playing with her toys. It warms my heart when she
welcomes us back home! We love her so much!!! I was
afraid by husband might be allergic to cats, but he
does not show any signs of allergy at all. Siberian
breed is definitely the best. Thank you very much for
such a wonderful cat! Tatiana  Our little Helen/Pepper is such a sweet, playful kitten. She is a great
addition to our family and a good companion for our other Siberian cat.

dawn  Hi Marina,

Henry  is doing so well! He loves his new home and he is so well-behaved. He's  been eating and drinking well and he always uses his litter box. With  other cats my husband would sneeze and his eyes would itch but with  Henry he has no allergies. It really is a miracle. Henry was so calm  when I cut his nails and brushed him. He's very even-tempered. Thank you  so much for raising such beautiful, affectionate, and intelligent  animals.

Paris   I  recently obtained a kitten from Marina  with Regal  Siberian cattery  and I couldn't be happier. my little girl is a beauty, so happy and so  affectionate. marina's printed information was specific and helpful as I  haven't had a new kitten in a long while. bella(hannah) is full of  energy but also loves to, for me she is the perfect  companion, keep up the good work, marina!! jane 8/31/07   Litter E Lexei  is doing fine and rules the house. He is very healthy and very smart.  We trained him very early to stand up on his hind legs when he wants a  treat. He is so smart, all you have to do is say "Lexei up" and he will  raise up as you can see in one of the pictures. We have a bell on our  back door that leads to the screened porch and Lexei has been trained to  ring the bell when he wants to go out on the screened porch. We stay  with him when he is on the screened porch. Lexei is very strong and has  been able to leap up on the kitchen counter for months. He loves his 7  foot cat tree and sleeps on the top level many nights.  Every morning  after his breakfast, Lexei will come upstairs to my wife's bathroom and  jump up on a basket filled with towels so she can brush him. He loves to  play hide and seek. All you have to do is hide behind a corner and he  will come running and find you, then he will scamper away and wait for  you to do it again. Lexei is a joy and a true blessing to our family.  One other thing, this cat is not afraid of people, dogs or other cats.  When the vet first met him when he was only 8 or 9 weeks old, he  commented on how sure of himself he was. Siberians are anawesome breed  and Lexei is an amazing cat. Thank you again for breeding these  fantastic cats Gay Lacy  We  came to pick up Zorra (litter G) on April 30, 2007, and I now we cannot  imagine our house without her. It is May 2, and she already gets along  with my 1 year old Siberian. It is a beautiful thing to watch the two of  them playing and running after each other.
Zorra is fast, funny, and so sweet!
Thanks Marina!
The Shah family   Felix  and Felipe have adjusted beautifully. They are such friendly, loving  cats. They already sleep on the boys' beds. The other night both were  laying right near my son's pillow and purring away. They actually look  right into our eyes and follow me around the house at my heels like a  dog would. They are a wonderful addition to our family.  Thanks Lisa   We  adopted a kitten from Marina's G litter in March of 2007. "Ripley" has  proven to be the most outgoing and friendly cat I have ever been in  contact with. We have a rather intimidating household (for a small  kitten) with two small boys (ages 2 and 5) and three large dogs. Ripley  came in and took over. She's adopted the dogs and the boys as her own.  She's melded into our family like she's always been there. My husband is  highly allergic to cats and she has proven to be allergy free in his  case. We've tested her out on a couple of our neighbors who are also  allergic and they, too, showed no reaction. Marina did a spectacular job  of raising these kittens. She was extremely helpful throughout the  decision making process and she responded to questions almost  immediately. Thank-you Marina for providing us with a kitten who is 100%  perfect for our family!

Manassas, Virginia     When  Fiona (litter F) first got in, it only took her a few hours and she  adopted to my place very fast, revealing how much care was put into  raising such a beautiful kitten. She is very playful and learns very  fast what is right from wrong, Thanks Marina for a Great kitten.   Musaab from California   My  name is Natasha and I am from NJ. I got my kitten on March 30 2007 and I  am still amazed how pretty, sweet, loving and playful my baby girl is.  She is the most beautiful kitten I have ever seen in my entire life.  Georgette was a little bit scared in the beginning in her new place of  living but then she discovered it and now she feels secure and happy,  playing around with all her toys, and jumping all over my apartment. She  eats her food, drinks water and uses her litter box. Thanks for  training!!! I can’t wait to get home from work every day to see her. And  she waits for me to get home too. I love her so much. Thank you very  much for this wonderful pet who brings so much joy and happiness into my  life.

Thank you, Natasha  My  name is Scarlett and we live in South Riding VA. We got Daisy from you  last summer. I just wanted to give you an update on her. WE LOVE HER  SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! She is a wonderful joy. She makes us laugh all the  time. With her running and jumping and flips, when she gets playful. We  could not have hoped for a more loving and sweet kitten. She is  absolutely every way. She is getting bigger all the time,  although we think her fur makes her look bigger, but she is beautiful.  She loves to sleep at the foot of my bed on my feet. I love it. She  snuggles, faithfully every morning with my oldest daughter. Thank you  again for everything! Daisy is a great blessing to us!!   Sebastian  (aka Edgar) is the most beautiful kitten I have ever met. And I am so  proud to be the owner. He is playful, and loving. He and Annie are  having a great time together (after 1 week of adjustment). I am so  convinced that Siberians are the best breed, with the sweetest  personality and disposition. Marina does a great job raising these  kittens.  Madeline  You  have absolutley the most beautiful siberians I have ever had the  pleasure of seeing I am looking at three breeds and your siberians top  the list as of now. Kim  First Name : Ekaterina
Comments  : Dear Marina, thank you very much for such a wonderful kitten which  seemlessly blended into our family. Emanuelle is very sweet and  playfull, you can easily tell she came from a great caring cattery

First Name : Irina
LAST NAME : Fedorov
Comments  : I got a kitten from KittenE litter. I called him Russian name Tyoma  (short name from Artyom). Im totally in love with him. He is a very  sweet, lovable, playfull baby, highly intelligent. Im so happy with him.  Siberian cat breed is the best one of all. And

First Name : Gay&Bob
Comments  : on oct. 29th, 2006 we picked up our newest member of our family.  eight week old Alexei Nicolas Jorg. we brought him home and the very  first day, he ate his food, drank his water and used his litter box. he  played with us, slept with us and started taking

First Name : Bob & Gay
Comments  : Hello, We wanted to take this opportunity to tell everyone how  wonderful Marinas Catttery is, her home is full of Love for her Cats and  kittens. We have adopted a little boy! He is wonderful! Funny, Adorable  and Loves to be with you! He loves to sleep on
URL : Bob & Gay   First Name : Robby and Carolyne
LAST NAME : Schopen
Comments  : Robby and I are very happy to have Ethan/Semyon as our new little  boy. He is beautiful and full of life. Marina is wonderful and very  helpful. We look forward to many years of love and companionship with  our little four legged child.

First Name : bonnie
LAST NAME : gindele
Comments  : I purchases a siberian kitten from regal siberian in June 06. Jameson  is a great kitten. Very loving and friendly and loves to be around  people and is great with kids.

First Name : Scarlett
Comments  : My family and I got a wonderful kitten named Daisy from Marina.  Marina was extremely helpful and answered any and all questions we had.  Daisy had a great transition from the cattery to her new home. Thank you  for everything and such beautiful kittens.

First Name : Veronica
Comments  : My family and I received a female brown mackerel tabby kitten from  Marina Vatner (Litter D). The kittens name was Dianna, but we renamed  her Kiska. She is the most incredibly sweet kitten I have ever had (and I  have had cats all my life!) She is very heal

First Name : Svetlana
LAST NAME : Rustamova
Comments  : Cleopatra is very gracious and royal. She never runs off and hides  somewhere when seeing a stranger It is a beautiful cat with a wonderful  dog like personality! . She is very intelligent. This is the ideal lap  cat that is calm and yet very active at playt
E-MAIL :  First Name : Chelsea
LAST NAME : Joviak
Comments : Interrested in the Siberian. I think they are absolutely beautiful cats.

First Name : Berry & Ryan
Comments  : We have attached a picture of our sweet kitten. Her name has been  changed from Beatrice to Foxy. She is such a joy and a lot of laughs!  Thank You very much!

First Name : Marcia
Comments  : I just had to write you again and tell you how wonderfully our little  one (Balzac) hasadjusted. He has the loudest purr, especially when you  find his favorite spots! When he has had a good rest, he runs around  like crazy, obviously having a great dea

First Name : Christopher
LAST NAME : Cholewa
Comments  : I was looking for Siberian brown tabby all over the internet and  nobody had this breed. In fact I was told that it is a rare breed and it  is hard to get. Indeed I had difficulty to get this breed in USA.  Finally I found Regal Siberian! I had contacted Mar
First Name : Veronica
Comments  : Just wanted to let you know that Bekky is doing great!! We have named  her Willow, and fits her well. Willow and the dog are buddies now and  like to lay with each other. She is just a sweetie and loves to lay on  our laps or sleep with my Daughters. We coul
E-MAIL : First Name : Nicole
Comments  : I was so lucky to find Marina and Regal Siberians. Her cats are  beautiful and produce stunning kittens with beautiful markings. Marina  was very straightforward and helpful as I prepared my home for a kitten.  Thanks so much! Nicole & Bella Thank you

First Name : Madeline
Comments  : Annie, aka Annabelle, brings enormous joy to anyone around her. She  is loving, intelligent, and playful. And she is gorgeous. I attribute  her sweet disposition to her breeder and the way she was taken care of  from the time she was born.

First Name : Annie
LAST NAME : Ripley
Comments  : I am so happy that I purchased my kitten from Marina Vatner. She  loves her kittens like mamas love babies! My kitten has the best  disposition and is so laid-back and sweet! He has no fears or  skiddishness at all. He has never run from me or others. Does n
E-MAIL : Bought Alex

First Name : Lynn
LAST NAME : Fraser
Comments  : We have an 18 year old cat that looks exactly like the colorpoint  siberian. He was a gift to me when he was 12 weeks old but we never knew  what breed. Everything is the same, right down to the hypoallergenic  aspect. We dont want to clone him, but we would

First Name : Chrissy
LAST NAME : Lonegan
Comments : Beautiful cats! I enjoyed your site very much.
E-MAIL :  First Name : Ben
LAST NAME : Krooshoop
Comments  : You have choosen the right kind of cats: Siberian. My wife and I  breed Neva Masquerade. Go on with the Siberian. Greetings from The  Netherlands.
First Name : Sandie
LAST NAME : Faughnan
Comments  : Your Siberians are beautiful! I would love to have one of the Queens  kittens this Spring 05. How many is she expecting?

First Name : Tatiana
LAST NAME : Skosyreva
Comments  : Nice site, great cats. Marina, I am happy that I have entrusted my  kids to you. Good luck to all your gorgeous siberians and hope to  continue our cooperation in future.
First Name : IRINA

First Name : Elena
LAST NAME : Goreninova
Comments  : Hello from Russia! Happy New Year!!! I have a very great time on your  site to see your lovely cats. You have the wonderful Siberian cats and  very beautiful site! Good luck in breeding. Best regards, Elena with all  Rossity Siberians.  First Name : Nikki
LAST NAME : Wharton-Eby
Comments  : I am a professional artist who specializes in pet portraits and have  been involved in cat rescue for the past eighteen+ years. I was a former  breeder of Persian cats on a very small scale in the 70s, but became  disappointed with the newer show standards o
First Name : Jane
Comments  : Delighted to learn about the Siberian Cat breed. Grew up with beloved  Scamper, and her many litters of kittens, however, my daughter is  allergic to most cats, thus Ive not felt I could bring a cat into our  family. Please place me on your email list when

First Name : Marilyn
Comments :

First Name : Gini
LAST NAME : Mulligan
Comments : Lovely site, lovely kittens and cats.

First Name : CARINA
Comments  : You have very nice kittens. I am enjoying the one I got from you. He  is very healthy and friendly.And you were very nice to work with. Thanks  Again, Kim

First Name : Gwynne
Comments  : I got my Siberian here. She is soft as down and as sweet as candy;  and so gentle and loving. I just cant say enough! Marina is a wonderful  and very caring person who stayed in contact prior to receiving my  kitten, after putting her on the plane, when