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 Please  keep in mind that we are a small cattery and do not produce kittens  every month. So, if you pass by one kitten it might be some time before  you will have the opportunity to reserve another. The Regal Siberian  will be glad to hear from you
Each  kitten will receive first vaccination with  at the age of 9  weeks with reoccurring second shots at the age of 12 .3 weeks unless future  owner prefers to take kitten early and assumes that responsibility in agreement with me after kitten wined from the mother cat and turn at least 9 weeks of age.  Nobivac Feline 1-HCPCh killed includes protection from rerhinotracheitis, calici virus and panleukopenia(distemper).The  most common feline vaccine combination, called a "three-in-one"  contains feline viral rhinotracheitis ("rhino") also known as feline  herpesvirus, feline calicivirus ("calici") and feline panleukopenia  ("panleukopenia") is commonly referred to as FVRCP. Rhino and calici are  both upper respiratory infections ("URIs"). Panleukopenia, also called  feline distemper   


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